Midstream Integrity Services' (MIS) Measurement Division Team is managed by experts with over 50 years of combined expertise in oil & gas measurement. The MIS measurement team provides services that are uniquely designed to be user-friendly and save customers time and money. MIS makes a point to help our customers meet the challenges of gathering critical measurement data accurately and in a timely manner. For precise, efficient and effective natural gas measurement, MIS utilizes PGAS software.


Raw or Filtered Data
Our measurement system provides us with the tools necessary to review and make changes to imported (Scanned or Laptop Collected) measurement data based upon gas composition, orifice plate changes, missing volumes, etc., as well as, automatically performing various calculations to determine content and value of measured volumes. These functions consist of verification of gas quality, verification of billing, verification meter testing/calibration, monitoring of actual versus nominations, system balancing and performing external/internal audits.
Back Office Services
Back Office services include Pipeline balancing LAUF (lost and unaccounted for) which will help to identify equipment malfunctions and measurement errors. Auditing also falls under Back Office Services along with consulting and training services (to develop or improve processes), regulatory reporting, staff supplementing (remote or embedded) and special projects.
Measurement Hosting
MIS will maintain the database and servers. This will allow you to log in and edit meters and develop reports via an FTP site. This is a cost effective method for the customer. It saves the customer from maintaining a database or servers and from needing to upgrade measurement software.
Historical Data
WebView interfaces with the measurement system so that our customers get the most current data. WebView will display customer data, reports and monthly statements. WebView also displays histories of all meter sites which can be viewed as raw or corrected/filtered data. The meter histories can be used for invoicing and Sarbanes Oxley Reporting.
Volume Statements and Daily/Monthly Close
With the right user name and password Volume Statements can be accessed by logging into WebView from any internet connection. MIS will complete monthly closes in an average of 5 days versus 10 days. As a result, our customers are able complete their monthly accounting close quicker.
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