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Customer Testimonials

As a start-up midstream company, we have engaged MIS as we’ve grown, benefiting from a suite of services they provide. We have been able to leverage their facilities, expertise, processes, and procedures to ensure seamless initial operations and confidence in meeting all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Gaylon Gray
CEO, Stakeholder Midstream

Utilizing MIS’ 3rd party Control Center, it gave us the opportunity to focus on the growth of our business, all while utilizing the infrastructure and operational & technical knowledge the MIS team brings to the table.  This provided us 24x7 asset monitoring, all while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, and helping support our operations.

Todd Widiker
Manager Controls & Measurement, Salt Creek Midstream


Midstream Integrity Services (MIS) offers a wide variety of solutions and services for energy and beyond with a commitment to excellence through relationships, vision, and experience.

MIS operates an independent control center that transmits real time data from various facilities. MIS uses various SCADA solutions that can be monitored and/or controlled 24/7/365 by experienced and qualified controllers.

MIS provides over 60 years of experience with leading edge technologies for gas and liquid measurement services to help our customers meet the challenges of gathering accurate, timely, and critical measurement data.

MIS has a full suite of integrity and corrosion services available to assist and partner with operations and engineering. Annual cathodic protection services, data integration, threat analysis, and continual assessment project management are available to assist and support as needed.

MIS enables clients to visually inspect and monitor their locations and assets 24/7/365, from anywhere, through Al-driven Computer Vision (CV) powered alerts for exception-based management.

MIS enables clients to monitor their system for leaks, track pigs, and protect their asset from third party damages 24/7/365, from anywhere, through Al-driven Computer Vision (CV) powered alerts.

MIS is structured to provide turn-key wireless network projects including design, engineering, project management, tower construction, RF network deployment, FCC licensing as well as associated IT networking requirements.