MIS Measurement Solutions

MIS provides over 60 years of experience with leading edge technologies for gas and liquid measurement services to help our customers meet the challenges of gathering accurate, timely, and critical measurement data.

GET Measured

What gets measured Gets managed

Measurement Services

  • Data Management, including gas flow and liquid calculations & system balancing using FlowCal software
  • Measure and Calculate tank/truck tickets
  • Pipeline System Balancing and Lost and Unaccounted for Audits
  • Utilize MIS database and servers from your offices
  • Standard & Custom Reporting Options
  • Historical Data Storage
  • Citrix Login to maintain your own data
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliant
  • Multiple types of reporting (file transfers, SFTP, email)
  • Daily/Monthly Balancing, Volumes
  • Remote Data Retrieval to bring into MIS servers
  • Files formatted to meet your system needs

  • Personalized interaction for every Customer
  • Accurate, efficient and cost effective results
  • Customer Service is our Mission
  • Quality Service is our Commitment
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