MIS Enables clients to visually inspect and monitor their locations and assets 24/7/365, from anywhere, through Al-driven Computer Vision (CV) powered alerts for exception-based management.


What gets Monitored Gets Managed

Reduce Labor Costs and Increase Production

  • Reduce site visits by 50%+, saving fuel & employee costs
  • Automated notifications, alerts, and reports of site activity
  • Visually validate SCADA alarms BEFORE dispatching a tech to site
  • Quickly respond to “high-priority” issues for better decision making
  • Empowers operators to focus on preventative maintenance, more effective provisioning, and higher-value work
  • Decrease down-time, Increase up-time, lower operating costs


  • Audit employees by visually validating:
    • Timecards 
    • Invoicing 
    • Procedural compliance

Safety, Security, and Liability

  • Remote monitoring reduces employee drive time, exposure to risk & protects the environment
  • Increase activity awareness at assets & facilities

  • Personalized Service for every Customer
  • Secure, Reliable, and Robust Solutions
  • Customer Service is our Mission
  • Quality Service is our Pledge
visual monitoring diagram